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Stranger in US ALL Lyrics

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Stranger In Us All (1995)


With a rebel mind and a gypsy heart
No place could ever be home
Drawn like a wolf to the moon it calls to
my soul
Ain’t got no woman, they just tie me down
Freedom is my only friend
I get a feeling destiny lies ´round the

One for the road
Slave to the highway
King of the road
Chasing the sun as it sets in the sky
Swear that I’ll catch it someday
Lights in the city behind are fading away
Makin’ my way through the names on the
No point in feeling alone
As long as I ride the open road I’ll always
have a home

One for the road
Slave to the highway

My future is calling a cry in the wind
Leading me out of my past
Got no destination but know that I’m
getting there fast
Crossed many miles got so many to go
Each one calling my name
Won’t settle down and you know I’ll never
be tamed

One for the road
Slave to the highway


She came from across the water
A devil’s daughter was in disguise
I cried for mercy – she bound and
chained me
And then she played me, I was
When she gave me blood red roses
They were wrapped in razor thorns
She was sly in her temptations
Then she left me on my own

Such a cold hearted woman

She promised passion everlasting
And now I’m haunted by her name
I gave up all that I ever cared for
Oh if I only had my yesterdays again
I’vie been blinded, now I’m broken
Sometime I can hear her songs

No man’s grass was ever greener
Now I find that I don’t belong

With a cold hearted woman
She touched my world and I was shaken
But she was akin.’ I never knew
These days are colder and there’s no
I’m just the shell of the man I was before
If there’s somewhere I can run to
Till I kill the pain inside
I’vie been walking now for hours
Can’t forget her, the Lord knows I’vie

Cause she’s a cold, cold hearted woman


Justify, speak the lies, close your eyes
As we make love
Touch my skin, let the fun begin, once
I hear your cries, rise and rise
Feel the nails, tell tale trails across my

Silken kiss, on a night like this, who
would miss
Our final hour
Closer still, close your eyes, see my
world, it’s animal
Velvet glove, unrequited love, find the
And make them rhyme
One last dance, hypnotizing trance, a
knowing glance
I loved you

Closer still, lose you will, se my world it’s
Things we hide, keep them out of sight,
heard it said
It’s unbearable
Feel my pain, taste my shame, who’s to


Can’t say something if the words Ian’t
What you trying to do
Money can’t buy me out of trouble I’m in
I’vie been messing with the likes of you
Been so long since I left my home
Looks like I’vie lost my way
Tried so hard just to make it work
You just turn around and walk away

Something’s got to give, I Ian’t gonna
Time to dig down deep
If you wanna get out of this tough town
You gat stand and fight

So infuriating the way you twist my words
I know you got your problems, it seems
That they’re getting much worse
I hear you screaming for attention
You say your life’s a mess
Something else to cry about
Just get on with it

Something’s got to give, I Ian’t gonna
Time to dig down deep
If you wanna get out of this tough town
You gat stand and fight


I search for her in the dead of night
A silhouette lit by candle light
In a whispered word she is gone
Familiar stranger without a name
In a darkened room they all look the
Like the sands of time she slips away so
far away
In the mirror you can see her face
An angel dressed in the blackest lace
A sop of wine and the game can begin
Just an image lost in fantasy
Then you touch her and you can’t break
Till you see your fate written there in her
Oh Ariel,
Lost in a distant dream, take me home


Well I’m moving faster close to the edge
As I smoke a pack of strong cigarettes
When my fear run dry, you won’t see me cry
Cos' I know I got it coming
We touched the sun and went our way
And we asked the stars to come out to play
But you said good night when they lost their light
And my world stopped spinning round
What are we fighting for

Don't ya know that no one wins
What are we fighting for
Just give up and I’ll give in
It’s to late for tears
When the things you need are things you don’t want
And you take the needle right to the point
I’d be heaven bound, but you shoot me down
Leave me broke and bleeding on the killing floor


I know the key to secrets never told, they’re hidden
in your soul
Feelings you hide never wanting me to find they’ve
been mine
Release all the madness within let it all begin
Now you’ll see, the dark side of me
In your black masquerade
Let the moonlight surround you
The game that we play is
The black masquerade
The full moon unmasks the stranger in us all
And the cruel world takes its toll
The shadows is cast on who you used to be
Let me set you free
Come now, come take my hand, then you’ll
We’ll go to that forbidden land
Of our black masquerade
Let the darkness surround you
The game that we play is the black masquerade
Release all the madness within let it all begin
We’ll go to that forbidden land
Come let me take you there
Let the moonlight surround you
Don’t be afraid, it’s the black masquerade


You say that you want your freedom
It all gets a bit out of hand
Caught in the ocean as I’m watching your breathe
We all believe what we wanted to believe
That’s the silence of love
You say that all you want is money
You scream for a little bit more
Caught in a landslide as we’re stumbling on
Who’d say we’re right but who would say we’re wrong

Silence of our love
You say you need someone to hold you
You say that you’re feeling afraid
I know that the worst part of being alone
Is a book full of numbers with no one to phone
That’s the silence of love

(Night/Blackmore – arrangement only!)

Mysteries of ages told, stories now will unfold
Tales of mystic days of old are hidden in these walls
Hear the witches play their tunes, sing their song to
the moon
As they play the night will move, in the hall of the
mountain king
Wild child so innocent
You took that away
Thoughts of wonder and surprise hide themselves in
your eyes
As the smoke begins to rise inside the mountain
Ancient tales of witches lore, answers lie through
that door
All you’d ever want and more, is calling for you now
Through darkened corridors
Try but you cannot break free
You took her innocence
Now you will answer to me
I am the mountain king
Are you not afraid? I am the mountain king
Listen to the bells
In a midnight fantasy, more than any eye can see
Hear them laugh crazily, it’s oy of your control
Mysteries of ages told, stories will now unfold
Tales of mystic days of old are hidden in these walls
Through darkened passages
Run but you cannot escape
You took her innocence
And for this crime you must pay
I am the mountain king, Are you not afraid?
I am the mountain king


See the stars come fallin’ down from the sky
Gently passing, they kiss your tear drops dry
See the wind come, softly blow
Your hair from your face
And the rain comes falling down
In it’s crazy way

Still I’m sad

For my self my tears just fall in the dust
As I search in the night and find they’re lost
See the wind come gently blow
Time into my heart
And the rain comes falling down
While we’re apart

Still I’m sad


(Bonus track on the Japanese version of the album)

I can't get through in the midnight hour
All you wanted is to scream and shout
Do me a favour, don't slam the door
Don't be coming around here any more
Tried to change my whole life, with a wave of your
I'm gonna tell you baby, so you'll understand
I'm tired and weary of a love gone cold
I'm sick and tired of doing what I'm told

Oh you're givin' me pain
Ya driving me out of my mind
It's emotional crime

Watch you get so crazy over little things
N'I get nervous when the telephone rings
You try to chain me, but I won't be bound
It's only dirty love keeps me around
It's only your good love keeps me around

Oh you're ringing my bell
Oh my life is hell
Oh just killing time

Ya driving me out of my mind
I finally got through by the midnight hour
An' you still wanted to scream and shout
You can live your own life, let me live mine
You might be an angel but you ain't divine
Why don't you waste your own time
Don't waste mine
Tellin' you babe you ain't no friend of mine