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Welcome to the english website of
Blackmore’s Night
Internet TV
Thanks to Minstrel Hall Music Carole Stevens,
 Blackmore's Night and
Videoproduction Michael Stürzenberger
For their permission to present you these videoclips on our internet TV

Many fans know the 97/98 BN live in Germany Video, one of the nicest videos I’ve ever seen. We just want to give those amongst you who have not got this fantastic video the chance of getting an impression of it, to make you consider buying it, adding it to your collection.

Furthermore we want to help those of you, who have never had the chance of officially buying it to get hold of it now. I’m especially thinking about the fans from Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic etc.

Where and how can you buy the video ?

Ritchie Blackmore Fanclub USA
PO Box 1538
Miller Place New York 11764
Kris had the US and European System

In Germany contact our ONLINE-SHOP, and TOKYO SHINJUKU RECORD STATION in Japan. Fans from EEC coutries from Russia, Czech Republic, and other countries outside Germany please e-mail me for terms of shipping and payment. You’ll then get further information.

Ritchie Blackmoreメs German Fanclub

Now some information on the TV programme.

We are going to present you some clips throughout the next few weeks, every Sunday night.All you need to watch them is the Real Player, which you can download for free. We have decided to show the Interviews with Ritchie and Candice.

We’re starting with

Part 1....Part 2....Part 3....Part 4

Part 5....Part 6....Part 7....Part 8

Part 9....Part 10...Part 11...Part 12

Part 13

The new Highlight here

Blackmore's Night live in Meissen
( from German TV( MDR )

Albrechtsburg go here Video 3,7 MB

To be continued next weekWe would be glad if you let us know what you think of it.

Translation: English: Rainer Klos, Russian: Dima Jaroschenko

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