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Slaves and Masters Lyrics

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Slaves and Masters

King Of Dreams

It doesn't matter if I'm right or wrong
It really doesnt mean a thing
It doesnt matter if you like my song
As long as you can hear me sing
Cause I'm the thorn in every little girl's rose
You know I cut but never bleed
A shadow in the night, pure delight
I can satisfy your every need

(chorus 1)
I'm a real smooth dancer, I'm a fantasy man
Master of Illusion, magic touch in my hand
All the stages are empty when I steal the scenes
A beggar of love, second hand hero...King of Dreams

Dont make a difference what you got
It doesnt matter what you lose
Dont make a difference if you like it or not
Baby i'm gonna change your attitude
Cause all around me there is mystery and wonder
Now cant you see it in my eyes
I'll crack the sky, make you feel the thunder
You'll never see through my disguise

(chorus 2)
I'm a real smooth dancer, I'm a fantasy man
Master of Illusion, with my sleight of hand
All the stages are empty when I steal the scenes
A beggar for love, second hand hero...King Of Dreams

All around, All around
Emotional squeeze through again and again
I know how to please you, your mind is on the bend
Can't you feel the power, surrender in my arms
Beyond the witching hour we're travelling on and on...

(repeat chorus 1)
(repeat chorus 2)

The Cut Runs Deep

Got your finger on the trigger
Your cold eyes taking aim
You took a shot at my heart
Let the bullets fly
Tell me has one of them got my name

What about the heartache
What about the emptiness inside
It doesn't just fade away
Turning the knife
How much can I bleed
The cut runs deep

I can't find no salvation
Can't find no healing touch
Reaching out for mercy
A stranger in your eyes
I want you too much

(repeat chorus)

Fire In The Basement

I came 'round to your front door your back door was locked
Pushed your button, rang your bell, you didn't hear me knock
I saw your window open wide, so I crawled inside
I ran to the top floor, but you were on the ground
I was on my way up and you were going down

Fire in the basement
Burn me up, scream and shout
Fire in the basement
Only you can put it out

This strange sensation that I'm going through
Sweet infatuation when I get next to you
I know what it takes to be a man, you understand
'Cause when the sparks start flying you'll never be the same
You know I'll hate to leave you girl but I'm so gald I came

(repeat chorus)

Smokey eyes burning bright
Innocence lost, satisfy my appetite
Surrender to the flame, what's your name
Let's get down to business, how can you refuse
Give this boy a helping hand, come on light my fuse


Cast your eyes into the crystal
Deep inside the mystery
Is that a vision of a lonely man
I fear it looks a lot like me

Is that a man without a woman
Whose empty life is but a shell
Empty hearts will echo
Forever in the wishing well

You've got to help me find an end to the nightmare
'Cause I cant stand this pain and the curse of time
Somewhere in your eyes I'll find the answer
Give me the truth I've been looking for
Be my guiding light, I'll take my chances
Turn the card, seal my fate, close the door

Some days come with a vengeance
Some days I feel so bad
The mirror holds no secrets
I lost the best thing that I had

Can you help me too see, is there an end to the sorrow
Or was this slow ride to nowhere always meant to be
Somewhere in your eyes, i'll find the answer
Give me the truth I've been looking for
Be my guding light, I'll take my chances
Turn the card, seal my fate, close the door

She was always taking more than she'd need
But we were both to blame somehow
In the heat of the moment I told her to leave
I guess I lost more than I found
But I remember...

Truth Hurts
You know my will is broken
You've got my heart on hold
I'm lying here in pieces so cold
It gets so hard to handle
All the things you need to say
But i guess I heard it all before anyway
Is love such a blessing or a curse
Either way
Truth hurts

Well there'll be no more running
Now I've got you face to face
I want to know who you've been loving in my place
You say I had it coming
Try to hold my head up high
Love gave me wings and left me paralyzed

There's nothing left alive
As we watch the spirits die
The world keeps turning
My heart keeps learning
Do you know where the guilty sleep

Babe I've got my pride
Somehow I will survive
The world keeps turning
My heart keeps learning
Do you know where the lonely sleep tonight

Another fallen angel
How far I just cant tell
Living without love is a living hell
Why is love such a blessing or a curse
Baby either way
Truth hurts

Baby I've got my pride
Somehow I will survive
My heart keeps learning
Don't know which is worse
But the one thing that I know
Truth hurts

Love Conquers All

Feels like the end
When you're closer to losing your dreams
Than losing a friend
Flying blind
I'm shooting into the dark
Who will I find
Oh girl
And if it takes me a lifetime
I swear I'll tear down every wall
Love conquers all

On my way
Tomorrow I rise with the sun
Soon I'll be gone
Words can't say
How the memories of feelings of love
They linger on
Oh girl
And if it takes me forever
I know it's worth every teardrop that falls
Love conquers all

Somewhere there's a place in your heart
Where the wounds never heal
Well you're not alone
That's just how I feel

Love conquers all
This one will last a lifetime
And if love conquers all
This one will last forever

Breakfast In Bed

Woke up this morning, rain coming down
Washing the sin from the street
Sometimes I feel like I'm losing ground
Just trying to make ends meet
Well I work every day to sweat out my dreams
Won't you show me that you understand
It's only my life, whatever that means
And you've got it all in your hands

I need someone to pull me through
Won't you take the pain from my head
Give me all your loving, the way you always do
Give me breakfast in bed

I feel like the good days are numbered
And my nights are getting too long
My hopes and my fears take their toll on the years
And my willpower's almost gone
Well it's a time full of trouble
A time of desperate need
Sometimes life don't make sense
Fighting the anger, jealousy and greed
One day I'll look back and wonder where it all went

(repeat chorus)

It don't take much to please me
I'm just a simple man
Won't you please believe me
I gotta tell you
it don't take much - a tender touch
So baby do the best that you can

Too Much Is Not Enough

You're so extreme, you're super heavy
You're one step over the line
Not what you seem, don't try and tell me
I know what's really on your mind

Once you get started, you're out of control
Don't play that sweet and innocent with me girl
I know you know you want to rock and rolll
But I got just what you need


I, I want to feel your love
Too much is not enough
I, I want to feel your touch
Too much is not enough

You've got it bad, you're hopelessly addicted
You're always searching for the cure
Love is the crime, you stand convicted
You keep on coming back for more

Come on admit it, you're over the top
That song and dance won't work with me girl
You just cant quit it, don't know when to stop
But I got the remedy

(repeat chorus)

Baby stop wasting time
And let me know that you're mine
I need to feel your embrace
How much can I take

Wicked Ways

You're so hot, you're so cool
I can see that you're nobody's fool
Now tell me am I coming though
It's too late, I can't wait
Believe me it's gonna be a big mistake
But I'm tempted to believe in you

I don't want to run and I don't want to fight
I just want to be the one you love tonight
Unclose my eyes, let it be

Bring on the band of angels from the great divide
I'll never get to heaven so take me for a ride
Fruit on the tree is ahking, my mind is in a daze
I just want a taste of your love
And learn your wicked ways

You're so bad, it feels good
There's so much I never understood
Oh Mama take a look at me know
I'm hung up, strung out
All I want to do is scream and shout your name
Addicted to you somehow

Electric in your touch there's magic in your kiss
You know I never knew that love could feel like this
Unclose my eyes, set me free

(repeat chorus)

And there you have it! Enjoy.....
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